“I saw Samantha at a time when I felt very stressed and did not even know where to begin my self-care. She started with energy clearing, then moved on to recovery of a power animal and finally worked with my ancestors to heal a past life issue.

I felt lighter by the time I left and within the first few days after the healing I felt more creative and productive, having regained a sense of agency and direction I had been missing for a very long time. I wholeheartedly recommend her shamanic work.” MV Victoria

I am a Shamanic and Ancestral Healer based in West Hampstead, Hampstead, Camden and North West London. Shamanic and Ancestral healing is an ancient system of healing that offers deep transformation, joy and harmony whilst reconnecting us to the true essence of ourselves.

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is an ancient spiritual practise which has existed for at least 30,000 years and is practised by indigenous people all over the world. According to the Tungus speaking people of Siberia, a Shaman is a spiritual healer . A shamanic healer changes their state of consciousness to receive guidance from their ‘all knowing’ spirit allies to practise healing and act as a seer/wisdom keeper for the community.

How Can Shamanic Healing and Ancestral Healing help?

Have you ever felt that you have lost a part of your self and after this your chronic illness (eg. Anxiety, Depression, Addictions or Low Self Confidence) started?
Are you having a run of mis-fortune and chronic illness?
Do you notice un-healthy emotional patterns that you are having difficulty letting go ?
Have you been trying to achieve something and it feels as if you are being blocked in some way? e.g. becoming pregnant, finding a new home etc
Or maybe you feel something is just not right?

Shamanic healing, works with sacred ceremony to clear un-healthy energy and/ or spiritual blocks, restore lost power or any lost soul essences (soul parts) whilst creating deep transformation in your life.

If you are aware you have unhealthy emotional patterns, they maybe due to an ancestral pattern or problem. Ancestral healing honours the ancestors by allowing them the gift of healing and becoming whole, so these patterns no longer affect you and them.

There are four main paths of shamanic healing that can be done, these are commonly known as ‘Removal of Spiritual and/or Energy blocks’, ‘Soul Retrieval’, Ancestral Healing’ and ‘Retrieval of Power’. In one healing session, under the guidance of my spirit allies,  we may work with one or several of these powerful and effective healing ceremonies.

Spiritual and/or Energy Blocks

With the guidance from the my spirit allies I locate and remove any misplaced energy, negative thought forms in the body to restore harmony .

Soul Retrieval

If you experience a shock or trauma you may lose a part of your life force or ‘soul essence’. You may feel ‘as if you are not all there’, chronically depressed, have difficulty  recovering from a loss or have gaps in your memory. This may lead to addictions or other chronic illness. I do a shamanic journey for you and with the help of my spirit allies, restore your soul essence bringing with it all it’s related gifts and talents. Usually clients feel empowered,  balanced and more present.

Ancestral Healing and Past Life Healing

You may find that you are following specific un-healthy patterns in your life and not sure why. Or there are specific problems in your life and you can’t trace the cause. This maybe because members of your family or ancestors have suffered a trauma or died under unusual circumstances such as suicide, war or accidents etc. (You may or may not be aware of this family history) These shocks or un-expected losses can leave a gap in your family or ancestral field. This can lead to wounds that create painful un-healthy patterns which are repeated by later generations. These patterns are a call from the ancestors to heal these traumas from earlier generations.

If you have problems where you cannot trace the cause, it may relate to a trauma or actions of  a previous generation. I journey to the ancestors to identify the cause of these wounds/ traumas or problems and under the guidance of my own ancestors and spirit allies facilitate the healing of your ancestors. In this healing freeing you from these patterns and problems. Ancestral healing is also a process of honouring the ancestors by giving them the opportunity to receive this healing.

Retrieval of Lost Power

I perform a shamanic journey for you to retrieve energy or power which can be in the form of a power animal to help you in your life. They bring gifts of certain qualities which are enhanced in you.

Shamanic Homeopathy

As part of the shamanic healing, my spirit allies sometimes guide me to specific healing remedies or herbs. At the time I will let you know.

Shamanic Divination

When there are problems and issues in life where you are not sure where to turn or what to do, the spirit allies and helping ancestors can offer insightful guidance. During a Shamanic Divination I work with ceremony to ask my spirit allies and my helping ancestors for guidance on your behalf.


Blessing ceremonies can be held to request the support of your spirit allies and ancestors at the beginning of a new project or major change in your life such as a marriage or celebration of a new baby. Each ceremony is very special and its form changes as it is guided by the spirit allies.

Shamanic Counselling

Are you on a spiritual or personal development journey? Not sure where to go from here?

Shamanic counselling could be for you. This powerful shamanic practise teaches you the ‘core shamanic journey’ meditation, to help you retrieve your personal power whilst enabling you to connect with your ‘all knowing’, compassionate spirit teachers and allies so you can receive answers.

I’ve practised Shamanic journeying for several years. It has provided me with excellent healing, answered many personal questions and introduced me to my spirit teachers and allies.

How Can Shamanic Counselling Help?

In your first session I explain the history and form of the shamanic journey. Subsequent sessions involve journeys to meet each of your spirit teachers and ask them questions. After each journey we reflect on the wisdom you have received and translate it into action points to help you lead a more successful life.

The Shamanic counselling sessions were deceptively simple, by which I mean what you ‘do’  is very well explained and easy to implement. You find yourself being supported by Samantha as you travel to other places and expose and explore areas and issues that have been hovering in your mind for a long time.

It reveals relationships with guides and teachers and you get the chance to reflect, review  and get feedback and clarifying questions from Samantha to get the most from the session.   At the end you are able to continue with the process for yourself with clear guidance on how to progress further with what you have learnt.’

AMM, Iver

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