Anxiety Treatment

I have had an incredibly positive experience with Homeopathy. I came to see Sam after a stressful period in my life, suffering from acute IBS and anxiety attacks. Since taking the homeopathic remedies my IBS has decreased dramatically and I no longer feel debilitated by my anxiety. The homeopathy treats the emotional as well as physical problems and I generally feel calmer and more centred in myself.

Sam is amazing! She gets to the heart of things and I felt very comfortable discussing personal issues with her. I would recommend her without hesitation. Homeopathy works; I have seen the results.

NM, West Hampstead (IBS)

For the longest time, my period was my main focus in life. When it is coming? How long will it last? When will the pain go? I wouldn’t be able to leave my bed for what felt like days. After seeing Samantha, I started seeing changes in my energy levels and I could actually move around after my period’s arrival. Now, my period isn’t a mystery to me, and I can actually get on with my life without having to live in its shadow!

MA London (Period pain)

I initially started seeing Samantha about back issues, as well as some emotional residue from the past. She is astute and supportive and her knowledge of remedies is incredibly thorough. After every session and by taking the remedies I have more energy, my back pain has almost gone and I am resolving so much. Uplifting and empowering!

DL, London (Back pain)

At two weeks of age my son developed bronchiectasis, was very unwell and needed to visit hospital. They treated his lack of oxygen but couldn’t give me anything to give him relief. I contacted Sam – she was incredibly supportive and available to give him relevant remedies. She went above the call of duty to get them to me (during the snow). I noticed a difference straight away. He was breathing clearer with less phlegm on his chest. Thank you Sam.

AK, N. W. London (Lung Infection)

I’ve been under Samantha’s care for nine months after being diagnosed with Graves disorder. Once off the medication, I contacted Samantha who has given me remedies to keep my symptoms at bay. I still have no symptoms and my thyroid levels are stable, although the doctors said that there was a 90% chance of it returning within six months. Since being treated by Samantha I’ve changed my lifestyle i.e. diet and exercise, and have increased motivation and confidence. I now consult Samantha for all my medical symptoms, which has helped a great deal!                        

MEJ, Willesden (Thyroid condition)

I came to see Samantha after two years of struggling with unpleasant heavy periods. I’m so delighted with the results following her remedies and advice. I feel like I’ve started a process with her that is revealing and healing in equal measures.

Lucy, North Finchley (Painful periods)

 Samantha’s treatment started when we were at an all-time low as a family. We had lost hope, we were just existing. Our daughter was not getting anywhere near enough sleep, was terribly unhappy, frustrated and stuck on a developmental plateau.

As a result of Samantha’s homeopathy, we now have a calmer, happier child. She has a sleep routine, which of course we are all very pleased about! She is less frustrated and as she is less tired, we can push her more with her physical therapy. As a result she has reached milestones that deep down I never thought she would achieve. Allowing Sam to treat my daughter has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for her, we will always be grateful for her help.

KG, Dorset (Learning difficulties & balance problems)

 Sam has helped give me back my strength both physically and mentally. Nine months ago I was reliant completely on my inhaler on a daily basis and now I barely use it.

AH, NW London (Asthma)


Since I started taking my 13 year-old son to see Samantha, he has not needed to use his Salbutamol inhaler. He has also been able to stop using his salt-pipe inhaler (which was the only thing that helped with his wheezing), and, unlike prior to homeopathy, he has recently been able to play sports with his friends too. Every time my son and I have gone to see Samantha, she has been very professional, friendly, and has made us both feel extremely comfortable and relaxed.
Starting homeopathy with Samantha was the best decision we have made.

KK Maida Vale (Asthma)

I highly recommend Samantha. I suffered with allergies (to dust and pollen) since I was young. I saw various specialists, they prescribed nasal sprays and antihistamines but nothing really worked. My symptoms increased when I moved to London. I suffered for about two years, constantly sneezing, congested, irritable etc. Fortunately, I found Samantha. From the beginning she was very open and professional. She treated all my symptoms with knowledge and intuition and now I can say that thanks to her I am cured. I can breathe again! Samantha has a very humane approach to her patients which I believe helps enormously with the healing process.

IBR, West Hampstead (Allergies)

For as long as I can remember I endured terrible hay fever EVERY summer. Typical symptoms: itchy eyes, ears and throat, runny nose, headache and uncontrollable sneezing. Each year my doctor would prescribe different medications and they would somewhat help. But every year they increased the dose and eventually suggested steroid-based medication, which I didn’t want to take. My sister was already getting treated homoeopathically for other reasons and had seen great results so recommended I try this route for my hay fever.

Samantha was great. I have genuinely seen remarkable improvements in my symptoms and, as the treatment went on, noticed some of my symptoms gradually reducing. The past four weeks have been London’s hottest and most humid, perfect conditions for my hay fever to kick in. BUT I have experienced little to no symptoms. If I feel the slightest itch in my eye or twitchy nose, I just take one of my tablets prescribed by Samantha and they eliminate any symptoms.

I am so happy with the success of the treatment and am continuing with homeopathy for other ailments now. Thoroughly recommended.                                       

RM, Finsbury Park (Hay fever)

Since seeing Samantha for homeopathy, problems and allergies that have been negatively affecting me for many years have greatly reduced and hopefully disappeared for good. My constant stream of colds and chest infections has stopped. Sam is friendly and understanding, her remedies and advice have worked for me.

AS, West Hampstead (Allergies)

I would like to express my gratitude for making me feel better. For my general sense of wellbeing, your remedies did a great job – it just works! My anxiety is gone, the same with my lightheadedness. I am so grateful for all the homeopathic remedies you gave me and for the special attitude you had during the sessions and in between them. I recommended your services to my family and friends and I do hope your practice to expand more as you are helping people to live a better life. Big thank you!

GL Hampstead, (Anxiety and Vertigo)

For several years, I had been eager to try homeopathy to help me deal with anxiety; however, I hadn’t found the right person for me. When I spoke to Sam for the first time, I immediately felt like I was in the right place. Sam’s approach is truly caring and she asks the right questions to get to the root causes of whatever might feel misaligned. After a couple of homeopathy sessions and very useful remedies, I also saw her for a Shamanic Healing, which has allowed me to connect with my emotions in a deeper way, lift huge weight off my shoulders and therefore face my anxiety more effectively. I’m very grateful for Sam’s thoughtfulness and the time she takes to clearly explain everything we’re working on. I’m absolutely happy to recommend her to anyone seeking to become the best versions of themselves.

LG, London (Anxiety)

Since coming to you our son’s sleep is much improved and with it all the family’s sleep for which we are very grateful. You have helped identify the Anxiety which has been troubling him and over the year’s appointments he has become less tense. Thank you

AA North London (Anxiety and Insomnia)

I was suffering with anxiety and insomnia as a result of my stressful course at university. Samantha has always been friendly, helpful and made me feel comfortable. As a student, money is often tight but Samantha’s prices are fair and affordable for the peace of mind that the treatment brings. 

After two to three months, I could sleep again normally. After five months, the anxiety and stress had reduced to that of a normal person at university. I am still concerned about deadlines, like any normal student, but I do not worry and I certainly do not panic as I did before. I recommended Samantha to my mother who is now one of her patients, as I have every faith in her abilities as a professional homeopath.

HC, Acton (Anxiety & Insomnia)

I came to see Sam as I wasn’t sleeping properly, constantly felt tired and had little energy. I was very impressed she took time to find out about my background, family history and anything else that could be a contributing factor, as well as making me think about what could be causing my symptoms.

Over a 15-month period, Sam worked through each of the areas we identified as potentially having an impact, prescribing homeopathic remedies where appropriate. My sleep patterns are now much improved and my energy levels are much higher.

DV, N.W. London (Insomnia)

I’ve been seeing Sam for around two years to help with hair loss and stress levels. My hair has begun to grow and she has enabled me to take control of my life in a positive way, empowering me through her herbal and homeopathic remedies and wonderful inspiring words. I feel blessed meeting Sam and my life is beginning to be stress-free through her remedies. I highly recommend her to anyone who may have a health issue that can be dealt with through natural remedies and healthy foods. Sam is very warm, welcoming and makes you feel relaxed and at ease. 

TW, Hertfordshire (Stress & hair loss) 

I had been suffering from insomnia for about a year, getting only about three hours of broken sleep a night, due to stress from my job. I had two appointments with Sam and she found the right remedy for me. I slept for five hours straight and was so happy I called her at 7am on Sunday morning to tell her!

CF, Colindale (Insomnia)         

Sam treated me for four months for a digestive complaint and stress. I found the homeopathic remedies really helped my symptoms and the following summer I was pleasantly surprised by how much my hay fever symptoms had been alleviated – so much better than the over-the-counter treatments I had tried already. Sam’s consultations were not only professional but the diagnosis and treatment were hugely beneficial.

SM, South East  

When I decided to see a homeopath with my young daughter, I was pretty desperate. Suffering from severe eczema, my daughter’s condition only seemed under control with the daily use of hydrocortisone cream, which is no long-term solution. Since seeing Samantha, her condition has improved tremendously. Samantha is extremely knowledgeable, kind and understanding. Her remedies together with lots of helpful advice made my daughter’s skin beautiful and healthy again, no more need for the hydrocortisone cream. I’m truly grateful for her help!

JD, Hampstead (Eczema)

Western Medicine embodied in the NHS GP has caused us many frustrations and failed to treat simple problems like the eczema and dry skin our son had. After a thorough consultation with Sam and using the homeopathic remedies she gave us, his eczema has completely disappeared and his skin is clear and spotless!

AA, Cricklewood (Eczema)

I saw Samantha for my daughter’s eczema and quite bad chest cough. After the first visit the cough was gone completely. Treatment took about two weeks and her eczema reduced by 30%, then after the second visit by 50%. She is still on remedies Samantha gave us and it looks like it is getting a lot better.

IS, Belsize Park (Ezcema)

I was very happy with my treatment. As you treated me before, I noticed you’ve once again helped me realise why I was behaving in a certain way. I think the key to kicking bad habits is to know why you are doing it. When you get to the root of the problem and realise how damaging a habit is, then it becomes much easier to resist your urges to do it.

By talking to you, I was able to realise I was afraid of life and what might happen. All of that fear and worry was easier to deal with when I had a lot to drink. Dutch courage and all that… I am now more able to live in the present moment and not dread things that may never happen.

I catch myself wanting a drink and realise it’s very often a fear response which I can deal with in another way. I highly recommend your therapy for addictions of all kinds. A dependency takes time to fix and heal if it is a longstanding habit, and support through homeopathy is a gentle and supportive approach that treats the cause and the symptoms.

This therapy is great for people with professional jobs. As everyone can attend AA meetings, it would not be appropriate for doctors or teachers to attend.

EC, West London (Addiction)

I made an appointment with Samantha because my stress and anxiety had been causing terrible problems with my sleep. I had never experienced Shamanic Reiki before and would now honestly recommend it to anyone. I felt so relaxed afterwards and somehow ‘lighter’. My friends even commented on how much happier and more like myself I seemed after the session. Most importantly I had the best night sleep I’ve had in months! Samantha is amazing – a magic combination of healing hands and a positive soul.

CHeath, Hampstead (Shamanic Reiki)

I am so happy to have met Samantha, she is absolutely amazing. Samantha has lovely healing hands. I would certainly recommend this amazing lady to anyone!

T Ustek, North West London (Shamanic Reiki)

I experienced a state of deep relaxation within minutes. The warmth from Sam’s hands and tingling in my legs made me feel soothed and mellow. I would recommend a Reiki session for anyone needing a healthy release from the daily stress of life.

CT, Barnes (Reiki)

Reiki with Sam has been great. It has helped me to relax and taking that time for myself has helped me improve my emotional state.

KG, N.W. London Also appears on 2e. REIKI page

The day was interesting and there was a nice atmosphere. The teacher was gentle and caring. I asked for more energy and I got that, now I’d like to keep that feeling for as long as possible!

MM, N.W. London (Reiki I Course attendee)

I thoroughly enjoyed my Reiki course with Samantha. My eyes have been opened to a new world and I look forward to putting it into practice.

TF, North London (Reiki I Course attendee)
I felt I was in a different world where there was peace. Thanks Samantha.

DP, North London (Reiki I Course attendee)

I felt the course created a space for reflection and gave me tools for self-meditation, which I’m going to find simple to use.

DHB, Hampstead

I thoroughly enjoyed the Reiki course. I found it very relaxing and insightful and it provided me with tools to be able to de-stress and unwind. I would highly recommend it.

SK, Islington

Samantha’s shamanic healing has been one of the most profound experiences of my life. Before my first session I had no idea what to expect with a shamanic healing. It wasn’t what I expected: it was much more. Such a powerful experience! After just two sessions of shamanic healing and soul retrieval, I felt much more balanced and grounded. This is crucial to me as I am a Kinesiologist, and it has enabled me to transfer energies of a higher sense of confidence, self-esteem and self-love onto my clients.

Samantha’s caring, loving spirit shines through her healing sessions. She is truly gifted in accessing information through shamanic work. I would highly recommend her to anyone on the spiritual path of self-awareness.

AS Kingsbury

I contacted Samantha because I had been suffering from a plethora of debilitating symptoms: extreme fatigue, digestion problems, a string of eating disorders, depression and crippling anxiety. I had been dealing with all of these for at least eight years while feeling immensely disconnected from my body and life here and now. I struggled with settling down anywhere: I moved countries and started from scratch twice and moved houses and jobs unreasonably often. Even though I had been living in London for over two years now, part of my mind was still going back to even earlier parts of my life and I often found it hard to remind myself I was now in another country, on another continent.

I had tried lots of other approaches but none of them brought any lasting change: therapy, acupuncture, regressive hypnosis, family constellation workshops, proper nutrition and sport and, obviously, traditional western medicine.

About half-way into the shamanic healing session Samantha did for me, I suddenly started feeling intense heat, joy and lightness of being. When we were finished, I felt exactly like I did at 25, right before my first international move. I was so much more hopeful, positive and trusting then!

Within minutes, my entire physical appearance changed and then continued to change and lighten up in every sense for the next weeks. I’ve released a few kilos of unnecessary weight with almost no effort and my eyes are regaining their playful spark. That entire weekend after our session I continued to walk around marvelling at everything around me as if I was seeing it for the first time.

Even though I sense some of the blessings of that session are still unfolding, a month after the session when the emotions are a more settle, I can now take better stock of how I am. And the differences are astounding. First of all, the relationship I have with myself has deepened. I finally love and approve of myself unconditionally – all day and every day. The depression has disappeared, the anxiety is almost gone. I’m 500% more confident which reflects on my daily work and relationships I have with other people. I’m still single, but I don’t suffer because of it anymore and I don’t waste time on people who are not worth it. I’m finally interviewing for great jobs and with very good feedback, so I know a great (and a permanent!) job is coming soon. My psychic abilities and intuition got even stronger. Life has literally become more effortless in every possible way. I constantly surprise myself by thinking, choosing and acting in more constructive ways than before.

Some of my long-term symptoms are still present, but with the help of Samantha’s homeopathic treatment, her caring supervision and my own better way of dealing with things, I am positive there is a way out everything, that I will be entirely healthy again and that there still are many wonderful life experiences ahead of me.

If I had known how much a caring, gifted and selfless shaman like Samantha can change, I would have looked to this form of healing much sooner. I recommend Samantha with all my heart.

EE North West London

I have had therapy for a number of years to help me come to terms with events in my early years, but had never experienced Shamanic Healing.

I went to my session out of curiosity, but with an open mind.  I was soon at ease with Samantha because of the down-to-earth and peaceful atmosphere of the session.  I was surprised that the very few words and the very general terms with which I described my issues, made sense to Samantha.  This was borne out by her feedback during the healing: it was very specific, and put into words that had great personal resonance and significance.

During the session I felt safe and held; and was uplifted by the integrity and dedication with which it was carried out.

The next morning, I was very surprised that I had had ten hours of uninterrupted sleep.  This was all the more unusual because I had not felt deprived of sleep beforehand.  Looking back now, I feel there has been a subtle but definite shift in me.  For example, I have had the energy to do a few things that I have been putting off and have weighed me down for ages.
In a nutshell, I feel more connected to my own sense of self; and with that, the knowledge that it’s up to me to make the most of the healing I received.  It is also good to know that I could go back for more.

TJ Belsize Park

I have been doing a lot of work on healing since as I was diagnose with a life threatening illness, I tried a lot of things and done a lot of courses so I always wanted to try different things that could help me in my spiritual journey. A few weeks ago I received Shamanic Healing from Samantha, something completely new for me, before the session she asked me to read an article about it and if I was happy with it then she could precede with the healing. I agree to go ahead, and during the treatment I felt a bit emotional, at the beginning my heart was pumping, but by the end of the treatment I felt so at peace and relaxed, although still a bit emotional.

Since my treatment I felt like a different person, very calm, with more energy, more sure about myself, as if there is not doubt now of who I am, feeling with confidence and sure of myself, one way I can describe it is that there was a piece of myself missing and now it feels like I found that piece.

M.M. Colindale

I did not know what to expect from the shamanic healing session and when we started I felt at ease and in safe hands as Samantha began the session by leading me through a ritual of clearing any negative, unwanted energy around me. She connected me with my spirit animal, a female cougar, which symbolises leadership and taking charge.

In the next part of the session, we meditated together and called on my compassionate ancestors to ask them to support me with some unconscious, unhealthy patterns which had been setting me back in certain areas of my life. Through communicating with my ancestors as well as her own allies Samantha was able to ask them to shed some light on these recurring themes. Their feedback was unbelievably accurate and most importantly it clarified the reasons for my behaviour in certain situations.

I felt a positive shift almost immediately and that a burden had been lifted. I slept peacefully the night of the session, the first time in a long time, and continue to feel a form of energetic protection. I now feel more connected to my inner self and the whole experience has sparked a creativity in me which I did not know was there!

Thank you Samantha for helping me understand, in a kind and compassionate way, what ‘blocks’ needed to be removed to help me move on.

SA Hampstead

I have been a client of Sam’s for a few years now helping me with my Health & anxiety issues. Sam introduced me to some Shamanic Healing and I would highly recommend it for anyone who is on a healing journey. Since the Shamanic healing session I feel so empowered, and I am getting my confidence that I thought I had lost back. It has strengthened my ability to deal with issues to do with my mum, my anxiety with this issue has lessened. I believe because of this healing I am ready to go on a deeper journey to find myself and restore my strength I felt I had lost.
I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to go on a journey to find their true self. Thank you Sam for all your support you have given me a whole new beginning which I am looking forward too. 😊

TW Hertfordshire

I wanted to thank you for the Shamanic counselling sessions I had with you. I have always wanted to go through this process even though I actually didn’t know much about it! It was a fascinating experience I thoroughly enjoyed and learned a lot from.

Thank you for being such an attentive guide. You were sensitive to my needs, asked clever and intuitive questions and had very interesting input. I felt very supported and am already using some of the tools. Thanks you so much for such a valuable experience.

D H-B, Central London

I found the course really useful and relaxing. I tried numerous types of meditations in the past but my over active mind never allowed me to switch off. This has really helped me relax and also helped with visualisation. I feel I have finally learned to meditate! Thank you so much.

AS, Kingsbury

Really enjoyed the course – really beneficial and a useful life tool.

SP, NW London

I really enjoyed having the space. Not only to meditate and learn techniques but also to have time after to reflect on the meditation.

KB, Mill Hill, London

It‘s been a great experience and really helped me. You’ve really opened my eyes to coping with confidence and anxiety issues. Thank you so much.

LS-L, Barnet 

Wow! If I feel this relaxed after one session, I’ll do it three times a day.

SP, London (hypnotherapy practitioner)

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