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I am a Spiritual Homeopath, Anxiety Specialist and Shamanic Healer based in West Hampstead, Hampstead, Camden and North West London. Clients can also have appointments with me online by Skype.

I do what I do because I love helping people to feel their best, connect to their higher self and allow their divine feminine essence to shine.

I believe everyone can feel truly healthy and  empowered to lead a happy life, not just take tablets to get rid of symptoms. So how did I  get here?

 From Finance Professional to Reiki Master Teacher 

Years ago I worked in a stressful finance job and suffered from anxiety, always worrying about work. So when I heard meditation might help, I studied Tibetan Buddhism and went on to train as a Buddhist Meditation Teacher and Reiki Master. During training I was expected to practise daily energy-balancing meditations and I found the combination of Buddhist and Reiki meditations calmed my mind. Reiki taught me how to self heal and heal others but also helped me to trust my intuitive abilities and introduced me to one of my first spirit allies. At this point I created Golden-light Meditation and started to teach private Meditation classes.

The Path to Becoming A Spiritual Homeopath and Anxiety Specialist

When I was looking for a natural solution for my anxiety, hay fever and asthma, I was amazed to discover the homeopathic process not only eased my symptoms but also positively transformed my emotions – wow! Homeopathy also helped me manage pre-eclampsia during pregnancy and recover quickly from the birth. I now treat my twins with homeopathic remedies all the time, for childhood aches, pains, coughs and colds, and see how quickly they recover. I discovered once I finished my training how working with my intuition and spirit guides I could achieve deeper healing for my homeopathy clients too.

How I Became a Shamanic Healer

After having children I was physically and mentally exhausted – my energy meditations were not enough. Okay, I had twins, but something deeper had changed. I went to see a Shamanic healer and she helped release and clear my energy channels. I left her house feeling like a new woman, much lighter and over the next few days my energy levels returned.

This started my ‘healing and revealing’ spiritual journey with Shamanism. It is really interesting, as my journey to become a Shamanic healer started way before that, I just didn’t know it! I had always been looking for a path to connect to my ‘intuition’ or ‘second sight’ and my Reiki training was the start of this journey.

When I qualified as a Reiki Master/ Teacher I was still on that journey looking. After my Shamanic healing I attended Way of the Shaman with Simon Buxton which taught me how to do a shamanic journey and introduced me to two ‘all knowing’ compassionate spirit allies. This created a profound shift for me as I had been longing to meet and talk with these helping spirits all my life. I then started a regular shamanic journey practise and after attending various courses in Shamanism my allies told me the time was right to train to be Shamanic healer.

I started this journey by attending a 2 year Intensive Shamanic Practitioner Training in Core Shamanism with Imelda Almquist, a teacher formed by Sandra Ingerman.

I then went on to train with several gifted teachers including Annette Host, Anthea Durand, Caitlin Mathews, Caitlin Branigan and Ancestral Healing with Malidoma Some.

I love being a ‘hollow bone’ working with my Spirit allies allowing the healing and guidance to come through for clients to clear un-healthy energies/ souls and restoring lost soul essences, so they can move forward in their lives with more confidence, groundness, inner knowing and clarity.

I love being a sacred channel for the compassionate ancestors facilitating healing for clients and their ancestors so all can continue on their cosmic journey’s with more harmony, balance and a deeper sense of sacred wholeness.

For many years empowering my clients has been one of my core missions in my healing work. Recently, I was guided to run a workshop on connecting women their Divine Feminine at the Awaken the Goddess Event in Hampstead.

This was a new piece on how to own and go deeper into aligning with our Divine Essence. I felt very blessed to be given the opportunity to present at this event. I have continued going deeper into this connection in my 1-2-1 consultations but also to offer this to the global community in my new Facebook Healing Temple, Divine Sisterhood:Healing Anxiety and more

If this resonates with you, please copy the link into a browser. It would be a great to meet you there.

Meet Samantha Gladden:Anxiety Specialist, Spiritual Homeopath, Reiki Master, Shamanic /Ancestral Healer & Inspirational Speaker

I’ve had a fascinating life journey so far – and I’d love to help you get the most out of yours!

I love helping people learn more about natural remedies, so I often read what doctors do not tell you at and the informed parent at .

Please get in touch if you’d like to find out how I can help you do that.

I can’t wait to meet you.

Bright Blessings

Samantha xx

Samantha Gladden BA (Hons), LCHE, RSHom

Qualified and Registered Member of the Society of Homeopaths & The UK Reiki Federation


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