How I Healed My Period (Moon flow) Pain?

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When I was 12, I remember being curled up tightly like a ball on the sofa with a hot water bottle pressed to my tummy, waiting for my mint tea to cool so I could drink it. I was suffering with terrible period (moon flow) pain. In those days I had to take Feminax to ease the pain. My mum told me that she used to suffer in the same way.

I have always loved going into book shops and reading alternative health books. One day I was flicking through a book about women’s health and diet. The book confirmed that too much oestrogen caused the spasm pains before and during my moon flow and that eating meat (including chicken) added more oestrogen into my body, increasing my cramps.

I tested this hypothesis by switching my protein sources to fish, pulses, soya mince and nuts. The following month, my moon flow pain reduced by 50%.

I started to see a homeopath for various health issues, one of them being my painful periods. She advised that I use a combined remedy of Mag phos and Colocynthis. The homeopathic treatment rebalanced my womb and my moon flow pain reduced by a further 20%. At this stage I had stopped using the Mag Phos combination as the pains were so low I could ignore them. Then I had my children and they completely disappeared.

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Over time I noticed that I would become very heavy and exhausted when my moon flow was approaching. It was almost as if my body was getting ready to do a physical detox.

Sometimes, when I had, had a particularly stressful or emotional month, my cramps would be more painful.This felt as if I was going through an emotional detox. For me, my moon flow felt as if my body and soul were asking me to rest, nurture myself and create the space to listen to my soul. I accepted the invitation and started a process of having a Moon retreat on the first day of my moon flow. In this space my creative energy flowed….

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