Can the Crystal Amber and Shamanic Healing Sessions Heal Anxiety?

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I have always loved Amber on other people but I did not feel it suited me. I was in the process of planning an ‘Inspire Your Inner Goddess Retreat’ and was really excited but also a bit nervous. This was the first retreat I would be running on my own. I was in Camden market looking at one of the Crystal selling stalls and I saw this beautiful piece of Amber, one side reminded me of a woman’s form. It just called to me. I felt that I was supposed to wear it during the retreat. I did and felt a strengthening energy around my solar plexus. I held the space for the women and they enjoyed connecting to their Inner Goddess and mining her wisdom. I felt calm and peaceful throughout the whole retreat. The beautiful Amber healed and calmed my Anxiety whilst boosting my own confidence.

What is Amber and what does it do?

Amber is a tree resin made from the sap of prehistoric forests which are over 1000s of years old. It works on the solar plexus organs such as the kidneys and bladder converting negative energies into positive energies. If you suffer with stress it can help boost your confidence and instil more peace. For me personally I found that helped to transform the energy of anxiety so I was calm, peaceful and more confident.

I noticed that I was using crystals more and more whilst training to be a Shamanic healer. I loved using Homeopathic Crystal remedies to help my clients. I decided to attend a Crystal Healing course.

What are the Chakras?
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On the crystal healing course, the general idea seemed to be that if you had a strong attraction or repulsion to a crystal this indicated that you had an energy imbalance on a particular chakra. By wearing this crystal, this would heal the imbalance. Generally, Crystals heal one or more of your 7 chakras that exist in your body. Chakras (sanskrit for energy wheel) are an intersection of the energy channels or meridiens (the ones acupuncturists work with). At each intersection there is a concentration of energy. At these energy junctions we exchange energy within our body and externally with others. At these energy centres we can also control the flow of energy and if they go out of alignment, our energy goes up and down physically, emotionally and spiritually. There are 7 key chakras, which I will write about in another blog. For the purposes of this blog I wanted to concentrate on the Solar Plexus chakra

What is the Solar Plexus Chakra?

This chakra sits 2 inches above the belly button and 1 inch inside the body. The solar plexus chakra generally embodies our personal power, our emotions and our talent to sway others. My experience with working with this chakra with my clients, is that this is the space where we feel fear but also can be the place of our confidence and ability to protect ourselves from energetic attacks.

If you are feeling very fearful, you may notice that you feel a sensation of this space shrinking in on itself. Close your eyes and sink your awareness into this space. How does it feel? Expanded and relaxed or contracted and hard. If this Chakra is out of balance you may lack confidence or maybe you prefer to get your own way all the time. On a physical level you may have various digestive problems such as IBS or respiratory issues like asthma .

The crystals that can heal this chakra are generally yellow in colour examples include amber, citrine yellow calcite and yellow topaz.

Have You Ever Found That Sometimes, Your Favourite Crystal Just Breaks or Just Becomes Lost?

Shamanic healers believe that all things have a spirit eg Trees, Sky, Earth etc. This includes crystals which are a mineral from mother earth. What I found is that after awhile, my amber’s energy decreased if I did not cleanse it regularly. If this is not done then the crystal may break or become lost. This happened with my beautiful Lapis Lazuli Drop pendant. I did not cleanse it at all and it broke in two.

Cleansing methods can include the crystal being being held under clear flowing fresh water, being buried in the earth, taking a sun or moon bath and listening to the song of a singing bowl. I found that if you have a shamanic rattle you can cleanse the crystal, by rattling over it holding a specific intention. They love sound! With all these methods you will need to hold a a thought or intention in your mind ‘that any negative energy is being transformed into healing energy’. You cannot get rid of energy but it can be shape shifted and transformed into positive energy. In this way you are feeding the energy of mother earth with positive healing energy. What I also found is that sometimes this is not enough and they become weak as they have just simply run out of energy. You can try meditating on the spirit of the crystal holding the intention that it is energised and revitalised. This empowers the crystal and re-energises it. You can continue your relationship with the spirit of the crystal or amber in my case so it is a long relationship and it helps you heal your anxiety and build your confidence.

Interestingly, I did notice after awhile that the Amber was not enough and some of my Anxiety was seeping through. The homeopathic remedies worked brilliantly but there was still a ‘germ’ of Anxiety. I could not see the cause. I tried Shamanic Healing and it really helped me understand the origins of my Anxiety and through this assisted me into an deeper awareness of lasting peace, where finally my mind stopped worrying.

Shamanic Healing is a deep form of Transformational healing which brings harmony into your life and empowers you to achieve your highest potential. It removes misplaced energy, restores soul energy or essence lost through trauma or grief and heals unhealthy ancestral patterns/habits.

One of my clients kindly wrote this about her Shamanic Healing for Anxiety:

My SH session with Sam was very interesting. She was directed to 3 areas in my body for healing, one of which was my solar plexus. To me this represented my constant anxiety. Since that time this has significantly reduced, especially around work which was the main cause. Feel much calmer. Thank you Sam. X
HG Edgware 

I am a Shamanic Healer and Spiritual Homeopath specialising in helping Anxious Women Get Well and achieve deep lasting peace, reconnect to their inner joy and achieve their highest potential. I work from clinics in West Hampstead, Hendon, Covent Garden and through Skype. If you would like to find out more about Shamanic Healing, have a look at my website

I can be contacted at I share tips on Anxiety, Insomnia and Eczema on my Facebook page Samantha Gladden Anxiety Specialist and Homeopath by clicking this link:

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