One Little Boys’ Healing Journey with Itchy Eczema

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Many parents come to see me asking for help with their children’s Eczema. This is one of my interesting cases and the clients reaction after one consultation.

J was 2 years of age when I first met him. This was the start of his healing journey with Eczema. J’s mother told me that she noticed him itching when he was 8 weeks old. The Eczema was located generally down the right side of his body specifically nipple , backs of knees, inner elbows and the back. Sometimes the rashes looked like ulcers which would produce a thin yellow fluid. His right nipple was particularly red and at times was an open wound. His skin improved for being exposed to fresh air and sunlight. When it was going through a dry phase it was a pinkish rash.

Mum used steroid creams to calm the rashes and wanted to stop. I advised her that we would slowly wean him off the use of the steroid creams using a natural oil. She was happy to do this and continued using the oil as a moisturiser after his bath.

Mum also commented that when he had a phase of vaccinations the eczema would flare up. She thought there was a possibility the itching had started after the first vaccinations. He had light coloured poos which could be either soft or a bit liquid. From 6 months old he had disturbed sleep and this had continued.

My assessment was that there was a possible reaction to the vaccination and this triggered the itching and eczema. I reviewed the case and made up a tailor made Homeopathic prescription which included the homeopathic remedy Nux vomica on the day and advised that I would send through the homeopathic vaccination detox remedies. After 2 days Mum confirmed that he was a bit more itchy. I tweaked the prescription and sent out one months supply of homeopathic detox remedies with the remaining remedies.

What happened next?

In the second consultation 11 weeks later, J’s mum said that the eczema spots had reduced  to little dots on his torso, shoulders and thighs. She noticed that he itched more when the weather was hot and it disappeared when the weather cooled down. She said that the eczema had completely cleared up at his nipples.
She confirmed that she had finished the remedies. He was now waking up a little  bit in the night, whilst before the remedies ,he would sleep for 2 hours and then be awake because of the itching. I sent out a stronger version of my original prescription with a further vaccination detox I also gave mum emergency remedies to use in the very hot weather to prevent itching.

After taking the first set of remedies for a month, the Eczema had significantly reduced with minimal itching except when the weather was very hot. 2 months after the second consultation, I received an email from J’s mum saying that his skin was so much better that they did not need to come back for another consultation.

Eczema is a skin condition where patches of the skin become very dry and itchy. Sometimes they will blister and weep other times they are just dry. Sometimes it can be both. Homeopathy works by looking at the underlying cause of the Eczema and working on this, with the skin symptoms whilst strengthening the liver. Homeopathy uses natural remedies mostly made from plants and herbs to work on the cause and the symptoms of the Eczema. In J’s case the trigger was the vaccinations, but in some clients it can be stress, hormones or allergies.

Thank you dear Samantha, for the treatment and your help!!
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