Are Your Menopausal Night Sweats Making You Too Hot to Sleep at Night

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hot flushes night sweats mood swings yogaI first met S after one of my talks on the Menopause. She mentioned that she was suffering with really bad menopausal night sweats. She said that she had not had, a full nights sleep in months. I made some recommendations of Homeopathic remedies. The following month she let me know that the night sweats were better. I suggested an adjustment to the Homeopathic combination and the following month she said the night sweats were gone and she was sleeping through the night.

The Menopause is a transition time for women and can start from 45 years to 55 years. This is a time when our ovaries start the process of ceasing to produce the key reproductive hormones Oestrogen and Progesterone. These hormones create periods and maintain a pregnancy. The withdrawal of these hormones can lead to night sweats, hot sweats, vaginal dryness, increased risk of Osteoporosis and mood swings.

Homeopathy can naturally re-balance your hormones, calming down the hot sweats. They also help to re-hydrate the reproductive organs and correct the mood swings.

S mentioned after 2 months on the remedies:

‘ Thank you Sam, My night sweats are now gone and I can finally sleep’

SA Hampstead

I have been going through the menopause myself for the last 2 years. When I first started being woken up with the feeling that I was in an oven and I realised the heat was coming from me. I took a combination of homeopathic remedies and they really saved me. I was able to get a full nights sleep. If the night sweats are stopping you from getting a full nights sleep and you would like to try a natural alternative, contact me for a Free 15 minute Homeopathy consultation on

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