Are There Any Foods That Can Help My Hot Flushes or Hot Flashes and Mood Swings?

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What does chocolate have to do with hot flushes? 

Can meditation and yoga help mood swings? 

Is there a reason for me having a menopause as the hot flushes and mood swings are a real pain? 

What is the Menopause? 

The Menopause can start from 45 years of age. The first sign of being possibly menopausal is when our periods become more erratic. There maybe hot flushes, night sweats, vaginal dryness and mood swings. Eventually the periods stop. This is because the ovaries gradually reduce the production of their 2 key hormones  Oestrogen and Progesterone. These hormones are used to create our periods and maintain a pregnancy.

Can We Get Oestrogen Naturally From Any Other Organs In Our Bodies?

According to Christiane Northup in Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom  there are other organs and sites that produce ‘oestrogen like’ hormones. The key one is the stress buffer, organ the Adrenals. They produce several hormones. The key ones are Cortisol and Adrenaline. These hormones send chemical messages to the rest of your organs and systems to prepare you for action so you can cope with stress better. The adrenals also produce DHEA. This hormone can be converted into Oestrone/ Oestradiol which are precursors to Oestrogen. The body can then use the oestrone and oestradiol as oestrogen.  

Are there Any Foods That Make My Hot Flushes Worse?

A few months ago I had one of my menopausal clients call and commented that the herbs she was taking were not working. I asked ‘have you changed your diet?’ 

 She said ‘no’ 

I then asked ‘have you been drinking more coffee or alcohol. ?’

She said ‘I don’t drink alcohol  or coffee’ 

I then asked ‘ have you been eating more chocolate ?’ 

She then said’ have you been into Pret recently? They have this amazing Sea salt chocolate, it is gorgeous ‘ 

I said ‘ the chocolate is causing the night sweats’ 

She said ‘ Oh no! I have bought loads of it, I will finish what I have and I won’t buy any more’ 

hot flushes hot flashes mood swings coffee

Coffee, chocolate and alcohol stimulate the adrenals and it then produces more Cortisol and Adrenaline. Rather than producing DHEA and therefore Oestrogen. If you eat these foods your hot flushes, night sweats and/or mood swings can become worse. In my case I have definitely been affected when I eat these foods. The adrenals will prioritize producing Cortisol and Adrenaline if they are stimulated by these substances or you are stressed.

Which Foods Help My Hot Flushes and Mood Swings?

I have found Homeopathic remedies very effective but if you would like to try some home remedies add these to your daily diet.

1. Soya products
Particularly Soya beans and Soya milk

2.Nuts and Seeds

Flaxseeds are very good

3. Encourage Positive and Nurturing Relationships
This will help to relax you and ensure you feel supported. This naturally lowers your stress hormones and helps increase the natural production of DHEA and therefore Oestrogen from the adrenals.

4. Do Regular Gentle Exercise
Try Yoga or Tai chi. A regular practise of Yoga or Tai Chi or Chi Kung will help relax you and again feed your adrenal glands so they are happy and gladly produce more DHEA and therefore Oestriadol. Which your body can then use to make oestrogen.

5. Try Meditation
This is a lovely way to release stress, worry and anxiety. This practise allows you to create space in the mind and bring your attention back to the present moment. In this space your mind goes into rest mode. Your adrenals will love this.

Is There A Reason For Us Going Through the Menopause?

Other than the sign that we have moved past our child bearing years. In my view Yes! Many thousands of years ago when we all lived in tribes, either God, Spirit or the innate intelligence of our bodies decided when they created us, that it would be harmful for use to continue producing babies after a certain age. Therefore we have the Menopause. These women who went through the Menopause at that time, became the tribal elders and passed on their wisdom and knowledge to the younger generation, in order to further the survival of the species. According to Melissa Assilem in ‘Women Ripening through the Menopause’ the Menopause can be seen as an ‘initiation of women into women’s wisdom-hood’. In this society we obviously do not live in tribes, however I do love the idea of us becoming wise women of our family tribe, passing on our wisdom to help the younger generation.

Many women go through the Menopause and would like help with natural remedies to help this process. The dietary changes and practises I have suggested provide general advice. If you find that they are not strong enough, then do get in touch for more personalised help at

I have several clients that I have treated over the years for Menopause amongst other conditions and their key complaint has been the hot flushes, or hot flashes and night sweats. I was treating this client for another condition with the Menopause and she said” I have tried the Cimicifuga  and alternated it with the Trifolium. My night sweats and hot flushes have gone. I do prefer the Trifolium but it works. I am really pleased” AS South London

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