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My aim is simply to help you become healthy, peaceful and happy.

I’m Samantha Gladden.

I am a Spiritual Homeopath, Anxiety Specialist and Shamanic healer based in West Hampstead, Belsize Park, Camden, Hendon, Covent Garden, North West London and online by Skype. I specialise in helping Anxious Women and Children with IBS Get Well and reconnect to their inner Joy. I use a range of natural remedies including homeopathy, holistic therapies and healing sessions to help you get healthy, feel peaceful, allow your divine feminine essence to shine and transform your life, whilst helping you receive wisdom from you higher self.

How Are You Feeling?

  • Stressed and nervous? So much so, it brings on your IBS?
  • Or maybe you are so worried that you have to scratch your dry, cracked, itchy Eczema and now it looks really red and angry (and is even more itchy) ? Is it an allergy?
  • Do you have un-healthy emotional habits or patterns that keep repeating and would like help releasing them?
  • Do you feel a bit stuck in life?
  • Are you on a spiritual or healing journey and are ready to take the next step?

So You Don’t Feel Right – But Don’t Know Why?

Your mind and body are probably telling you what it needs and it’s time to listen. But sometimes it can be hard to follow your own , intuition. That’s where I come in. Let me help you to find out what’s going wrong and to feel healthier, peaceful and deeply relaxed.

Helping Women Suffering with Stress, Anxiety and IBS to feel Healthy and Happy Again

My aim is to inspire and empower you to become the best physical and spiritual version of yourself – calm, centred, tuned into your intuition, and deeply connected to your inner joy.

I have had an incredibly positive experience with Homeopathy. I came to see Sam after a stressful period in my life, suffering from acute IBS and anxiety attacks. Since taking the homeopathic remedies my IBS has decreased dramatically and I no longer feel debilitated by my anxiety. The homeopathy treats the emotional as well as physical problems and I generally feel calmer and more centred in myself.

Sam is amazing! She gets to the heart of things and I felt very comfortable discussing personal issues with her. I would recommend her without hesitation. Homeopathy works; I have seen the results.

NM, West Hampstead (IBS)

This centuries-old holistic therapy uses natural remedies to help you get well, manage your emotions and treat the root cause of your symptoms

This is a specialist programme where I  use my intuitive skills and a range of holistic therapies to get to the heart of your Anxiety and any other issues you are facing.  To help you relax, transform your emotions and create positive changes in your life.

Receive deep healing of your mind, body and soul using ancient methods to positively manage anxiety and worry whilst releasing un-healthy patterns. In this process enhancing self-love, intuition, self-confidence, energy and creativity.

Do you sneeze a lot, have itchy eyes or vomit when you eat certain foods – and wonder what you might be allergic to? I use needle-free Kinesiology, to establish which foods, dusts or pollen affect you

Are you on a spiritual or personal development journey and would like to feel deeply relaxed, intuitive and empowered? Maybe you have lost some of your energy or power? Perhaps you have un-healthy emotional patterns and you are not sure how to change them. Shamanic Healing, Counselling and Reiki can help you heal and transform your life.

Feel Better Naturally With Therapy Perfectly Tailored to You

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I looked at my son and asked if he wanted to go to the toilet. He signed yes, now!

We got up and the air hostess said ‘is he going to be sick ? ‘ I turned to look at the air hostess and said ‘no’ he just needs to go to the toilet.

As I turned around to look at him he was sick in the aisle! Then again on the way to the toilet. You know how tiny those airplane toilets are ☹️

When he had finished I gave him some ‘Tara’. His tummy settled down.

She is one of my best friends from the plant spirits. She is a lowly weed but a powerful Queen of herbs bringing many gifts . I call her Tara (Taraxcum Offiinales but you may know of her as Dandelion)

She stands tall and proud with her beautiful yellow crown. ‘I am as tall as
my bluebell friends’ she says

As I really look, her deep sunlight yellow warms me. She is a potent detoxifier of the liver helping me or my children in food poisoning cases. She strengthens the kidneys supporting me and my clients again through UTI’s.

I journey to the spirit of Tara and she tells me the ‘herbal Tinctures are dead.
Imbibe by infusion only and collect at night.
Make sure you Sing your thanks before you collect’

Later after tasting her soothing essence. The spirit of dandelion speaks of witnessing the stars and opening up to the golden sunlight.

‘I am proud and reach high because no one notices my golden flowers. They are reminders of sun, children’s laughter, ice cream and relaxed hot days.’

Her infusion tastes of spinach but fresher and I feel her glow. Her guidance for me was to take heart and joy in your day. The divine is looking after all.

New moon blessings 💕

If this resonates with you, you may be interested in my sister circle Divine Sisterhood Healing Anxiety and more

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