Empowering you with Natural Remedies to Get Well  and Reconnect to your Inner Joy

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My aim is simply to help you become healthy, peaceful and happy.

I’m Samantha Gladden.

A Homeopath, Anxiety Specialist and Motivational Speaker based in West Hampstead, Belsize Park, Hendon, Covent Garden, North West London and online by Skype. I use a range of natural remedies including homeopathic remedies and holistic therapies to help you get well, transform your life whilst connecting you to your inner joy.

Helping Women Suffering with Stress, Anxiety and IBS to feel Healthy and Happy Again

My aim is to inspire and empower you to become the best physical and spiritual version of yourself – calm, centred and full of joy.

How Are You Feeling?

  • Anxious and overwhelmed a lot of the time? So much so that it makes your stomach hurt?
  • Is your skin cracked and itchy, especially when you’re anxious?
  • Do you sneeze a lot, have itchy eyes or vomit when you eat certain foods – and wonder what you might be allergic to?

So You Don’t Feel Right – But Don’t Know Why?

Your body is probably telling you what it needs and it’s time to listen. But sometimes it can be hard to follow your own intuition. That’s where I come in. Let me help you to find out what’s going wrong and to feel healthier, balanced and more relaxed.

Feel Better Naturally With Therapy Perfectly Tailored to You

This centuries-old holistic therapy uses natural remedies to help you get well, manage your emotions and treat the root cause of your symptoms

This is a specialist programme where I  use my intuitive skills and a range of holistic therapies to get to the heart of your Anxiety and any other issues you are facing.  To help you relax, transform your emotions and create positive changes in your life.

Learn techniques to enhance self-love, intuition, self-confidence and creativity, and to positively manage anxiety, worry and anger

A needle-free kinesiology test to establish which foods, dusts or pollen affect you

If you’re on a spiritual or a personal development journey, these therapies can help you self-heal, give up negative behaviours and get where you want to be.

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Get personalised advice on how to improve your sleep patterns, boost energy levels through diet and positively manage stress levels! Find out how my Homeopathy, Stress, Anxiety & Wellness Programme, Meditation courses or Reiki sessions could help you.

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